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      DC24V直流伺服電機 0.22KW 24V ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP

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      DC24V直流伺服電機 0.22KW 24V ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP       
               杰瑞特ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP DC直流伺服電機有2.5倍過載能力,供電電壓DC24V,額定扭矩-0.7NM,額定轉速-3000RPM,旋轉變壓器不帶剎車,防護等級IP65,電機安裝法蘭尺寸70*70mm,我們還可以根據客戶要求定制化低溫直流伺服電機。


      Jarrett ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP high-power DC DC servo motor has 2.5x overload capacity, supply voltage DC24V, rated torque -0.7nm, rated speed -3000rpm, protection class IP65, motor installation flange size 70*70mm, We can also customize low temperature DC servo motor according to customer requirements.


                杰瑞特緊湊型高性能DC直流伺服電機:ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP 特別適合對平穩運行和長壽命要求很高的應用,永磁同步直流伺服電機需要精確的定位應用,極高的功率密度,相較于市場的同類產品尺寸和性能更優。采用高性能稀土永磁材料,具有低慣量,高轉矩密度,超強過載能力,極低轉矩脈動,低噪音,低溫升等特點。


      Jarrett compact high performance DC DC servo motor: ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP is particularly suitable for applications with high requirements for smooth operation and long life. Permanent magnet synchronous DC servo motor requires precise positioning applications, extremely high power density, and better size and performance than similar products in the market. Using high-performance rare earth permanent magnet material, with low inertia, high torque density, super overload capacity, very low torque ripple, low noise, low temperature rise and other characteristics.


               70法蘭DC直流伺服電機:ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP 功率0.22KW(含)以內,采用高性能稀土永磁材料,可選直流電壓有24V、48V、60V、72V、110V或直流220V;各種反饋元件可選:增量編碼器,絕對值編碼器,旋轉變壓器;可選掉電制動器;具有設計和定制能力,可定制應用惡劣環境-40度,-55度軍工標準的工作環境的低溫伺服電機。


      70 Flange DC servo motor: ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP power within 0.22KW (including), using high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials, optional DC voltage of 24V、48V、60V, 72V, 110V or DC 220V; Various feedback components are available: incremental encoder, absolute value encoder, rotary transformer; Optional power off brake; With design and customization ability, can customize the application of harsh environment -40 degrees, -55 degrees military standard working environment of low temperature servo motor。

      DC24V直流伺服電機 0.22KW 24V ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP
      DC24V直流伺服電機 0.22KW 24V ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP
      DC24V直流伺服電機 0.22KW 24V ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP
      DC24V直流伺服電機 0.22KW 24V ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP
      DC24V直流伺服電機 0.22KW 24V ZSMD0701-5230-R1PE-NKSP